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RC 14001 Responsible Care Management System Implementation

What’s your opinion about ISO standards? Do you think is it necessary or not? Or do you think when you should apply for one?

Well, such questions are common, especially when you are pretty new to the ISO Standards. In layman’s language, ISO standards are some sort of instructions or rules that an organization or company has to follow.

At ISO Pros, we offer organizations with the required training, consultation, auditing, and implementation tactics to get certification for a particular standard. Our company is a full-service, well-established company. So, we are the ones you can count upon for your next ISO certification.

Have you heard of Responsible Care RC14001?

Well, it’s a collaborative global level initiative taken by chemical industries across the globe, wherein the respective companies work in unison to improve safety, health, and overall quality of what they manufacture. Chemical companies in almost 52 countries currently practice it.

What exactly is RC 14001?

RC 14001 is an internationally known standard for environmental management. It’s the blend of ISO 14001 and AAC Responsible Care. You as a company or organization by filing an application and passing an audit can get certified for following all the guidelines mentioned under ISO 14001 and RC14001.

It basically indicates that your company abides by the standards mentioned above. Responsible Care is led by the proud members of ICA or the International Council of Chemical Associations.

ACC or the American Chemistry Council has mandated for the partners and member organizations to get the third party certification if they want to continue ACC’s membership.

Responsible Care, in general, wants the leading Chemical companies in America to raise the standards regarding performance, safety, and quality. It’s good for the chemical companies as it adds great value and growth to their business.

The RC 14001 or Responsible Care Management System comes out with a system that is well structured that focuses on improvement in some specific areas. Such areas of improvement may include the following: –

  • Process and product safety
  • Community awareness
  • Emergency response
  • Security
  • Distribution
  • Employee health and safety
  • Pollution prevention

Responsible Care Management System or RCMS offers an easy to follow a protocol that is based on: –

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Check
  • Act

This system somehow uplifts the present standards of performance within the industries. It’s quite easy to implement and offers ample flexibility to organizations to meet their specific requirements.

What Is Responsible Care management System and RCMS and How It’s Related to RC14001?

RCMS is a management system that works on the principles of some effective, result-oriented, and proven management techniques. The RCMS is a blend of Responsible Care and guidelines which the private companies follow. 

It also abides by the ISO or International Standardization organization and other regulatory requirements.

RCMS is something that begins at the top level in every company. Leaders within the company have to commit in order to receive the best results.

The management has to work closely to document everything with scrutiny. After documentation, the management has to implement the policy. It is done so that company has a guided way to follow.

It includes reviewing the objectives and goals set by the company and focusing on consistent improvement.

Responsible Care Management System & Implementation

Planning phase: – You as an organization must identify and discover risks associated with processes, services, products, or other operations. Once issues are identified, you must look into them closely and find ways to address them effectively.

Whether the employees or the stakeholders identify the issues, they must be addressed. However, the order can be decided by the intensity of the issue.

Doing Phase: Now, you have to do what’s planned. You must now document and communicate ownership of tasks so that the expected goal is achieved. It must also include the responsibilities related to training the staff.

Checking Phase: As the name suggests, this phase focuses on checking the progress. It’ll help you determine whether or not the doing phase is successful. Here, you can check whether the guidelines you follow comply with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Acting Phase: This phase holds the most importance. The top-level managers have to identify whether or not the processes are effective. If some flaws are discovered, necessary changes are deployed there and then. The stakeholders are always in the loop for any changes that take place within the organization.

You must know that RC 14001 involves both the Responsible Care Management System and ISO 14001, which is the reason knowing about the Responsible Care management system is quite important. RCMS is quite popular in America.

Hundreds of companies across the country are enrolled with Responsible Care and always get themselves checked via audits to ensure that they meet the standards set by RC14001. The certification you get is to be renewed every three years to meet the latest guidelines.

What are the benefits of RC 14001?

RC 14001 helps you with numerous industry-level benefits. You’ll get benefits outside as well within the organization. So, it’s worth your time and money. And, if you are with an expert like the ISO Pros, it’ll benefit you even more.

Here are Some Benefits:

Performance Boost: – The RC 14001 brings along a strict and robust kind of guidelines for companies to follow. Following which you can excel in all the areas of environmental safety, health, and security.

Better Efficiency: – With what guidelines RC 14001gives you regarding security, health, and environment, you’ll observe awesome improvement inefficiency.

The advantage over the Competitors: When you’re certified with RC 14001, you’ll automatically observe better performance and competitive edge over others. The certificate itself indicates excellence. So, you’ll get better in business as well.

Support Teamwork: –The certification will somehow improve the teamwork. It involves the collective working of different teams within an organization.

Relationship Management: –You can then include government departments or local people. It’ll ultimately help you maintain a healthy relation with them. It may also bring positive feedback to your organization.

Leadership Involvement: The involvement of top-level employees will help them address issues and maintain better relations within the organization.

Comply with Latest standards: Such standards will help you keep in par with other reputed firms. You may exceed their level, but you won’t be below them.

Reputation: RC14001 or any other ISO standard brings in reputation and increased market value. Once you are certified and comply with all the requirements, you can simply expect more business and a better reputation.

Financial advantage: better processes and identification of flaws always helps reduce the capital spent within or outside the organization. So, you’ll have a financial advantage as well.

Can You Help Us Get Certified?

Frankly speaking, that is all that we do! We are ISO PROs; a leading firm helping organizations get certified with desired standards. We train, consult, audit, and finally, help implement the standards with full collaboration.

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RC14001 is essential for you if you want to prove the level of safety and quality of chemical products you manufacture or supply. Also, if you are a member of ACC and want to remain the member, RC14001 certification is necessary.

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